Email marketing

A highly targeted approach

Email marketing has many advantages over Direct marketing. It offers limitless targeting ability at just a few pence per email and allows marketers to have a one to one conversation with each of their customers. With proper targeting, tracking tools and a carefully built opt-in list, email can be directly tailored to the needs of individual customers. Messages are targeted and customised using sophisticated database marketing techniques. The technology captures and tracks individual responses throughout the campaign, "learns" more about customers from response and purchase behaviour, and allows you to refine customer profiles for future communications.

More effective testing

Email marketing programs also make it possible to quickly sample and test a mailing. At little cost and effort, marketers can test virtually endless versions of copy and promotional messages. The detailed response & ROI information make it easy to quickly modify email campaigns for optimal results.

Permission based

Email marketing is 'permission-based' - it is applicable only to those who have expressed a willingness to be contacted via email. It is therefore distinct from, and should not be confused with, the practise of 'spamming' - sending unsolicited mass emails on an untargeted basis.