Fully personalise every component of the Email:

- From address, e.g personalise with your customer's allocated service agent or local office - Wokingbranch@
- Subject line - this is often critical in ensuring that the message gets read.
- Merge personal customer data, such as customer name, account number throughout the body copy of the message.

Advanced Personalisation - Dynamic Content generation for each recipient - DRMA

The DRMA engine (Dynamic Rules-based Message Assembly) provides powerful functionality to allow advanced message customisation. Conditional logic can be attached to each campaign to allow paragraphs, words, images & links to be assembled to build each customer's message. Message content elements are assembled at run time based on:-

- Customer attributes from a Customer database (e.g. age group, past purchases)
- Data returned at run time from an external application (e.g account status or credit status from a billing system, product recommendations based on past purchases)
- Images & text from content management systems and E commerce systems
- Data from other SQL databases - e.g past products purchased in the last 12 months.

When used in conjunction with Event triggers (see ETM) marketers can run a range of highly personalised customer contact activities:-

Example 1

An on-line bookstore customer might be emailed thanking them for their last order and asking them how they enjoyed the specifically named book. A promotional offer would then be placed in the email automatically related to the past purchases.

Example 2
A bank might send an email to current account customers promoting a share broking service and inviting the customer to drop into the nearest branch. The system could calculate the nearest branch and then embed the address, directions and map.