Clickthrough and clickstream tracking

This tracking service enables you to know which recipient used which hyperlink within your message at what time. Our advanced tracking engine can record many thousands of events a second and redirect the customer on to the desired web page. Many Email solutions when faced with the 9.00 am high volume "click through spike" will slow down or time out losing customer responses and the opportunity of sales.

Advanced features also support :

-Tagging the customer's clickthrough with personal data prior to redirecting (e.g. Customer account no or address) so that your E-commerce application can personalise automatically.
- Log HTML email form entries
- Privacy compliant - encryption of email tracking urls to prevent customers guessing other customer's response links.

Clickstream tracking logs the activity of your customer on your web site and relates it back to campaign recipients in real-time. For example, with the addition of a simple tag on your order confirmation page you can know just how many of your campaign recipients have placed orders and what product they have ordered. This means totally accountable campaigns.