Email response handling

One of Linktra's key strengths is that email response handling is an integrated element within the overall email relationship system.

Linktra supports both automated and agent based email response handling.

Email response handling is available as a stand-alone ASP solution or as bureau service.

Auto response

• Personalised auto email response based on rules defined on customer, campaign and reply text.

• Intelligently re-route replies to the appropriate person, or call centre, based on rules defined on customer attributes, related customer data, campaign and reply text.


Agent based email response handling

Agent application allows your customer service staff to reply and track cases with customers on-line.

Allows agents to select from preloaded libraries of standard replies and searchable knowledgebase for rapid response. This ensures high quality and informed replies with high hourly throughput.

All email replies and response text is stored back into a unified customer contact repository

Full reporting and analysis. Analyse agent productivity, types of replies and paragraphs used. Breakdown responses by customer segments.

Browser based facilitates agents working from disparate locations

Automatic retrieval and merging of customer information into email response. (e.g salutation, account number.)

Allows agents to code outcome, next actions and refer email onto other depts.

Supports external system integration