Conversion tracking - how to determine real Email marketing ROI

Email opens and click-through rates are certainly key indicators of an email campaign's initial success; however, they are the first step in ultimately determining the ROI of your email marketing efforts. The ability to capture the number of leads and subsequent sales conversions after the email click through on the destination Web site is a critical metric in determining which product or service you're promoting is really working and really profitable

The Linktra conversion tracking tool seamlessly integrates with your web site and gives you the power to track valuable information online:

• Web visits per conversion link
• Revenue generated at the conversion link level
• Detailed customer information, including product items ordered and amounts spent
• Critical points of web visitor drop-off
• Names of each customer that clicked on the link
• Track events within and user actions within Flash movies as well as HTML pages

How does it work

The conversion tracking system works through the implementation of dynamic and static meta tags and by embedding a javascript tracking instrument within the relevant Web pages. Our consultants will be happy to explain how we can help you implement this within your own Web sites.

Free test campaign

During April - June we will set up and run a free test campaign to show you this works.
Please email for further information on this solution.