Fast counts and selections - DB-Max

Lightning fast counts on even the largest volumes for data (3 seconds on 50 million record data sets).
This means that you can iteratively adjust criteria to get the optimal selection all in one sitting. Now you can make selections from very large volume customer transaction data such as Web log & clickstream data, email marketing event data and purchase transactions.

• Analysis & graphing:-  Get a deeper perspective on your data by drilling down to view cross tab reports and graph views.

• Campaign selection history:-  DB-max saves all selections and data downloads to a campaign library. This allows easy re-use and suppression of previous campaign selections.

• Internet architecture:-  DB-Max is Web browser based, which means that your field sales, regional offices or even partners can select and download lists from a central prospect or customer database.

• International character set support:-  So that you can deploy across regions and languages.

• Easy to use:-  Simple wizard based interface means that completely non technical users can build complex boolean selection criteria.


• E commerce module:-  Sell your data on-line by implementing the E-Commerce module. This supports

- Real time Credit card payment authorisation
- Account based payments
- Data delivery formats
- Differential pricing based on data attributes and client based discounts

• Partner re-branding:-  Integrate DB-Max as a component within your overall CRM or data sales initiative.
- The user interface can be rebranded to suit partner needs.
- A developer API means Linktra professional consulting staff can extend and customise functionality to integrate with other external applications.

• Fully Hosted ASP solution:-  No need for new technical headcount, product training, or costly hardware & network infrastructure investment. Db-Max is available as a fully hosted ASP solution with pay as you go pricing.

• Integrated Email marketing platform :-  Db-Max fully integrates with the Linktra Email marketing system so that you run a fully featured Email campaign bureau operation.

• Data downloads:-  Download data direct to your desktop, save for future download or schedule delivery to a remote location/applications - e.g mailing house and fulfilment house.