Interaction manager - Call centre edition.

Every inbound call presents your company with an opportunity. Each also presents a choice on how should the interaction and follow up contact activity be executed to optimise the business objectives of the organisation. The decisions and action taken at the point of call commits companies expense, determines conversion rates and impact customer retention.

Interaction Manager is an application that works with your existing call centre system to enhance its effectiveness.. Interaction manager utilises predictive analytics, business logic and data to decide in real time the action that is most likely to achieve the organisations objectives.

Interaction manager will determine which in bound callers are the best prospects for an up sell, cross sell or retention offer and which offer to make. Interaction manager can prompt on an agents screen the recommendation or suggested action along with targeted sales arguments to gain the customers agreement /close the sale.

At the heart of Interaction Manager is the principle that context data and customer data can be combined with predictive analytics in real time to improve overall business performance.

This could be to :-

  • Calculate propensity to purchase product
  • Calculate which from a number of possible products the consumer has the highest propensity to purchase.
  • Calculate which from a number of possible special offers/premiums would most likely make the consumer purchase product x
  • Calculate which from a number of possible scripts would most likely make the consumer purchase product x (tone of voice, benefits)
  • Calculate “value of customer”
  • Calculate “risk of defection” score

Interaction Manager has a number of core components: -

Request manager
Manages all inputs from the call management system and other channel systems in use. Inputs can include script answers , name & address and customer a/c IDs.

Real time analytics module
Stores and runs predictive models as input to real time decision making. Models can be developed in your preferred analytics tool (SAS,SPSS) and then loaded into Interaction Manager via a conversion import process.

Data access manager
Data access manager connects and reads data from data sources required to make the optimal decision. These data sources will either be existing customer data or commercial data sets & segmentation systems. Interaction manager can connect to the Acxiom UK Infobase Lifestyle Universe one of the most comprehensive source of actual data on consumers in the UK.

An online customer data store store (OCDS)
Stores cross channel event data and promotion responses. Reports can be run to analyse promotion effectiveness by segment. It also allows continuous interaction feedback to refine future offers.

Rules engine
Allows users to define business logic to drive decisions

Output manager
Outputs decision in the required format and with required tracking components.
outputs can be a data stream returned to the calling Contact centre application, or a pop window with display of recommendations/script/targeted offer, Web content or an email.

Clickstream collection
Clickstream collection is a subcomponent of the Request manager. Interaction Manager is fully Web aware and can access clickstream data from its own or proprietary clickstream systems. This data can then be used as an input for decisions.

Web call back
Interaction manager has a function that allows call back requests to be made from Web sites. Interaction manager passes these requests directly to the contact centre system or manages the call connection directly. Interaction manager can pass on recommendations to the agent in preview mode based on both the individual attributes and a profile of the Web clickstream activity.

Email responses
Interaction manager can trigger emails and insert targeted offers. This can be either after a call or a Web transaction. Links within the email are automatically coded and tracked so the call centres can be attributed with any follow up E-Commerce transactions and the response of the promotion evaluated.