Email Newsletters


• Hosted ready to use Web forms for subscriber newsletter registration

• Hosted Web control panel to allow subscriber to change preferences, topics, frequency and format control.

• Auto assembly of complex multi element email messages with content filtered to subscribers registered profile.

• Viral forward an article to a friend function

• Banner advertising and email sponsorship management

• Tracking and reporting at individual level of all newletter content and sponsor click throughs

• Full on line reporting and statistics.

• Subscriber list management - management of un-subscribes and opt outs

• Count tool for email list rental

• Interfaces to content management systems and 3rd party systems.

• Fully managed ASP service leaves you free to design content


• Increase customer satisfaction & retention by sending hints and tips on how the customer can get the best from their purchased product or service.

• Increase sales through E commerce site through targeted and personalised cross sell promotions embedded in newsletter

• Additional revenue for content owners from advertsing, sponsorhsip and email list rental

• Generate a large number of low cost communication impressions with customers.

• Increase conversion rates by building position as knowledge leader in field

• Increase sales through improved on going dialogue with medium and long term prospects

• Increased number of newsletter communications than possible with print media due to lower cost.