Your clients will increasingly look to implement a range of email relationship marketing programs.
It makes sense to partner with a leader in the field. We have a range of partner relationships available, suitable for :-

- Database bureaux
- Direct marketing agencies
- New media agencies
- System integrators
- Response services companies
- Marketing consultants
- Internet service providers


• Linktra's rich functionality and ability to customise means that you will never fall short of your client email requirements however complex.

• Linktra 2.0 has been designed to integrate with a wide range of campaign management tools and database management platforms. Now you can email enable your client's CRM solution overnight.

• Generate additional revenue from :-

- Email marketing consulting
- Account management
- Running campaigns
- Creative development
- Email transaction revenue

• Linktra offer a "private label" option so you can retain your company branding and image on client facing screens.

• Linktra's fully managed ASP service means that you have no additional expense on new specialist technical headcount, training, software licenses, and network and hardware infrastructure costs.

• No inflated inter company cross charges - just a system that allows you to service your client needs on a pay as you use basis

• High levels of Email marketing and on-line marketing consulting support. Linktra have advised and executed email marketing campaigns for some of world's leading marketing organisations. We'll provide all the help you need to make sure your clients are 100% looked after.

• System's integration :- data management is at the heart of effective email relationship programs. We understand the need for high frequency data integration to ensure data consistency across applications. Our professional services team, will work with you integrate to Linktra 2.0 within your client's existing CRM and E Commerce systems.

Please contact : Nick Down on 0207 863 3234